Compatibility of mulberry silk fabric with cow nappa leather for product development

Vishnupriya, V ; Phebe, K ; Karthikeyan, K ; Krishnaraj, K ; Mohan, R ; Vasagam, N


The present work describes the application of silk fabric for leather garments and goods to support the leather products industry in identifying alternate raw material. The results show that the quilted silk fabric has the potential to be combined with cow nappa leather to make products with improved strength and enhanced aesthetic appeal. The major findings of this study also prove that on treatment with artificial alkaline perspiration, leather and silk-based samples behave inversely and this relation gives a clear direction to product designers and developers about the placement of leather and silk panels while making combination products. Apparently, this study helps the silk industry to attain the major share in the domestic and global market.



Cow nappa leather;Natural fibre;Quilted silk;Silk fabric

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