Influence of fabric properties, hybridization, and thermal aging on properties of flax/jute fibres reinforced epoxy hybrid composites


Rouibah, Hassen ; Kenane, Mohamed ; Daoud, Ismail


Mechanical properties (tensile and three-point flexural), physical properties (density and porosity rate), and thermal properties of flax, jute, and flax/jute fibres reinforced epoxy composites have been investigated. Laminate composites are fabricated by vacuum molding with a total fibre weight fraction maintained at 40%. Results show that the hybridization with jute fibres can significantly improve the mechanical properties of flax composites, while the thermal stability is decreased. The thermal aging at 250 °C during 400 h causes a decrease in tensile and flexural strength of the resulting composites, whereas their rigidity is increased. Morphological studies of fractured surfaces and the evaluation of porosity have been evaluated using scanning electron microscope and optical microscopy respectively


Flax fibres;Jute fibres;Hybridization;Mechanical testing;Natural fibres;Thermal aging

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