Light-chromatic identification of rare-earth luminescent fibres doped with organic onium salt

Li, Jing ; Yu, Yuan ; Zhu, Yanan


Organic onium salt has been used as a photosensitive pigment for rare-earth luminescent fibre. A certain dose of organic onium salt has been added to rare-earth strontium aluminate luminescent fibre (RESALF) during its melt spinning. It’s photochromatic property is studied by comparing RESALFs with and without the organic onium salt. RESALF photochromatic identification method is devised according to the Standard Colorimetric System CIE (International Commission on illumination) 1931 XYZ. The results show that, when excited by 365nm wavelength light, RESALF doped with organic onium salt exhibits good photochromatic properties. The luminescence color of RESALF doped with organic onium salt switches from the yellow-green region to the blue region. The light-chromatic recognition method used is thus able to provide an accurate identification of the luminescence color of the new RESALF.


Organic onium salt;Photochromatic property;Rare-earth luminescent fibre

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