Effect of leaks on performance of a fabric filter in pulse jet cleaning assisted filtration system

Mukhopadhyay, Arunangshu ; Mahawar, Gagan


Study embodies assessment of outlet emission in the baghouse exhaust while hole appears on filter due to pyrophoric particles during hot gas filtration or damages due to cages. As it is difficult to study full-scale baghouse, flat PTFE coated polyester filter fabric has been tested in the present study. Experimental research has been carried out to observe and understand the emission behavior of leaks throughout the filtration time. After stabilization of media, the effect of three independent parameters has been used for the study of hole diameter, position of hole and face velocity. The behavior of emitted particles has been studied based on the data generated during online particle measurement system. The experiment leads to the inferences that with increase in hole size, the rate of outlet emission increases but in different manner. Smaller diameter hole does not make prominent effect to position with the face velocity. At all level of hole size, progressive increase in emission and peak pressure have been observed with the face velocity.



Fabric filter;Leaked filter media;Needle felt filter fabric;Nonwoven;Outlet emission;  Polyester, Poly-tetrafluoroethylene, Pulse-jet cleaning

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