Preparation of a naturally driven cotton wound dressing via honey, Tragacanth and Sumac

Montazer, Majid ; Navaei, Tina ; Mahmoudi rad, Mahnaz


An antibacterial wound dressing with wound healing effects of honey (H), Tragacanth Gum (TG) and Sumac (S) (Rhus coriaria L.) has been prepared. The antibacterial properties of five different concentrations of water extracted Sumac has been examined to find out the best sample. Ratios of honey and Tragacanth Gum are investigated along with the chosen concentration of Sumac in order to find out the optimum compound with desirable antibacterial and healing effects. The results of the well diffusion test indicate antibacterial activities against S. aureus and E. coli on all samples. Scratch test results demonstrate improvement in the proliferation of fibroblasts on the fabric treated with compounds. The prepared wound dressing accelerates the healing process and eliminates bacterial growth causing wound infection.



Anti-bacterial properties;Cotton;Honey;Sumac;Tragacanth gum;Wound dressing

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