Fuzzy multi-criteria group decision making approach for grading of mulberry silk cocoons

Kar, Niharendu Bikash; Ghosh, Anindya ; Das, Subhasis ; Banerjee, Debamalya


A multi-criteria group decision making method has been applied for grading of silk cocoons which employs the proficiency of three experts as decision makers to alleviate the fuzziness underlying in silk cocoon parameters. Fuzzy-TOPSIS approach of multi-criteria group decision making method has been used in this study. Four quality parameters of silk cocoon, viz. good cocoon percentage, cocoon weight, cocoon size and compactness are regarded as criteria. The 10 cocoon lots are ranked based on Fuzzy-TOPSIS method. The ranking of cocoon lots attained by this method shows a significant agreement with the ranks devised by the sericulture experts.


Cocoon;Fuzzy TOPSIS approach;Mulberry silk;Multi-criteria decision making

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