Moisture management properties of ring vis a vis rotor yarn plated knit structures

Jhanji, Yamini ; Gupta, Deepti ; Kothari, V K


The present investigation aims at studying the moisture management properties of polyester-cotton plated fabrics of ring vis a vis rotor yarns. Ring yarn fabrics exhibit higher moisture vapour transmission rate, trans planar wicking, lower wetting time and higher one way transport capacity as compared to rotor yarn fabrics, making the former suitable where body needs to dissipate sweat both in vapour and liquid forms, with respect to fabrics using combination of rotor-spun cotton yarns, which show higher absorbent capacity and would be slow drying with poor one way transport capacity. The study helps us to conclude that yarn spinning system plays an important role in influencing moisture management properties of fabrics intended for next to skin applications.



Cotton;Fabric comfort;Moisture management;Plated fabric;Polyester;Ring yarn;Rotor yarn

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