Migration characteristics of Eli-Twist yarn and its comparison with Siro yarn


Regar, Madan Lal; Sinha, S K; Chattopadhyay, R


An attempt has been made to investigate the migration characteristics in polyester and cotton Eli-Twist yarn. Three different counts (39.4, 29.5 and 23.6 tex) from each composition have been produced maintaining 40 twist factor for each. For comparative study, the 29.5 tex yarn of two compositions from cotton and polyester are produced on Eli-Twist and Siro spinning systems. The mean fibre position for Eli-Twist polyester yarn is found to be less than that of cotton yarn. Both root mean square deviation and mean migration intensity in Eli-Twist yarn are found to be higher, while mean fibre position is lower as compared to Siro yarn.



Cotton;Eli-Twist yarn;Mean fibre position;Mean migration intensity;Polyester;Root mean square deviation; Siro yarn

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