Hybrid biocomposites

Singh, Vikas Kumar; Mukhopadhyay, Samrat


Biocomposites are being explored by research communityfor the past few decades due to rising environmental concerns. Moisture uptake, poor interface and moderate to lower mechanical properties have proved to be a bottleneck for biocomposites to partially or fully replace synthetic composites. The concept of hybridising, i.e. incorporating two or more reinforcements instead of single reinforcement in a matrix, has the potential to overcome this bottleneck by exploiting the desired contribution of both the reinforcing phases. Although hybrid composites have already extensively explored for high-performance fibres, the studies on hybrid composites using biodegradable constituents still lag behind. This review addresses studies conducted on hybrid composites using at least one biodegradable component and the findings in terms of properties and factors affecting them are discussed. The analysis on synergistic effect reported by researchers along with the scope of ongoing research and prospects for hybrid biocomposites have also been discussed in detail.


Biocomposite; Green composite; Hybrid effect; Hybridisation; Natural fibres; Surface treatments

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