Analysis of thrust force in drilling cotton with bamboo blended fibre-reinforced composites using Box-Behnken methodology

Karthik, A ; Sampath, P S


In this study, cotton/bamboo woven fabric reinforced composite has been subjected to drilling operation and thrust force is analysed for different combination of feed rate, cutting speed and drill geomentry. Box-Behnken experimental design is used to optimize the cutting parameters along with the input parameters, such as drill- bit geomentry, spindle speed and rate of feed. Further, a drill with standard twist is used for drilling operation. The results show that with the increase in thrust force, feed rate increases and cutting speed experiences decrease when drill diameter is increased. The SEM analysis is also done to reveal about various damages, like fibre pullout, peel off, uncut fibres and voids.



Box-Behnken;Cotton;Drilling, Fibre reinforced composite;Natural fibre;Thrust force

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