Extraction of natural dye from Mammea suriga and its application on silk and cotton fabrics

Verenkar, N ; Krishnan, S


In this study, raw silk and cotton fabrics have been dyed using the aqueous extract from Mammea suriga bark in the presence of chemical mordants. The variations in the colour are seen in the silk and cotton fabrics by using different mordants. The preliminary phytochemical tests reveal the presence of tannins in the bark extract of the plant, which is responsible for imparting brown colour shades to the silk and cotton fabrics. The results are found promising with good fastness property in all the three mordanting methods, i.e. pre-mordanting, simultaneous mordanting and post-mordanting. The SEM study shows no physical damage to the fibre dyed with M. suriga dye extract. Thus, this bark can be used as a cheaper source of raw material for the extraction of natural dye by dyers in dyeing industries.


Cotton fabric;Dyeing;Mammea suriga;Mordants;Silk fabrics

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