Fuzzing mechanism and fibre fatigue of wool knit

Wan, Ailan ; Jiang, Gaoming ; Yu, Weidong ; Cong, Honglian


The fibre fatigue fibrillation and even fracture of knitted wool fabric under the rubbing force have been studied using scanning electron microscopy. The fatigue fracture sections, involved in the process of abrasion, show that loop hairs predominantly participate in fuzzing and the free ends exist in either pills formation or wearing-off. The major form of failure consists of the bend fatigue which is about 70 - 80% of the total failure and cracks. Fibrils occur in torsional fatigue (10 - 18%) and fibrillation head-ends comprise both bending and twisting.


Fibre fatigue; Fibrillation; Fuzzing mechanism; Loop hairiness; Rubbing force; Wool knit

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