Development of three-roving ring yarn production system

Demir, Murat ; Kilic, Musa


This study focuses on development of three-roving yarn production system that is inspired from siro-spun technology. Roving funnel and delivery cylinder used in siro-spun technology are redesigned for three-roving yarn production and attached on conventional system. Three-roving yarns produced in ring spinning machine are compared with three plied yarns in terms of physical, mechanical and structural properties. For better assessment of this new system, different raw material types are used in yarn production. Results show that three-roving yarns have better hairiness values and similar mechanical properties for all raw material types. However, unevenness still needs to be improved by further developments on this new system.


Composite yarn;Multi-strand yarn;Siro-spun yarn;Three-roving yarn;Twist spinning

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