Cotton dyeing with indigo using alkaline pectinase and Fe(II) salt

Chakraborty, J N; Mazumdar, Pranav


An ecofriendly reducing agent, viz. alkaline pectinase alongwith iron (II) salt, has been used in place of sodium hydrosulphite for dyeing of cotton with indigo. Dyed samples are then characterized by ATR-FTIR, SEM and XRD. It is observed that the alkaline pectinase alongwith iron (II) salt  reducing system is also capable of  producing almost identical level of reduction potential in dye baths, reduction bath stability, dye strength and colour fastness properties of dyed cotton to those obtained with sodium hydrosulphite.



Alkaline pectinase;Cotton;Dyeing;Dye strength;Fe(II) salt;Indigo dye;Sodium hydrosulphite


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