Yarn properties developments with diagonally slotted roller on ring spinning machine

Merati, Ali Akbar ; Alamdar-Yazdi, Aliasghar ; Farokhnia, Alireza


To develop new ring spinning process, the diagonally slotted rollers (DSR) of various angles (15°, 30° and 45°) have been designed, manufactured and then fitted below and parallel to the top front draft rollers of a ring spinning frame. The yarn samples of 20 tex are produced in conventional ring spinning, Solo spinning and newly developed DSR spinning methodologies. In ring spinning process, the escaped fibre ends from the strand surface in the spinning triangle do not entangle with other fibres when the yarn is twisted and therefore they make the yarn hairs. In DSR rollers, the slot walls provide a condition to prevent escaping of fibre ends from the strand and keep the fibre ends on the strand surface in the twisting process. The experimental results show that the yarns produced with DSR roller of 30° slot angle (DSR30) have less S3 value of hairiness and a cleaner appearance than conventional ring-spun yarns. The hairiness of the yarns of DSR30 and Solo spinning processes do not have a statistically significant difference. Also, the improvement in ring-spun yarn tenacity and elongation is much larger for newly developed DSR spinning process in comparison with Solo spinning process. Consequently, it is concluded that the DSR spinning methodology improves the hairiness and mechanical properties of ring-spun yarns even more successfully in comparison with the Solo spinning method.


Diagonally slotted roller;DSR spinning;Ring spinning;Solo spinning; Spinning triangle


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