Tensile behaviour of woven velour printed terry fabrics

Ram, Sanjeev Kumar; Singh, J P


The present research work is focused to design terry fabrics in such a way that their overall performance can be improved. Three important constructional variables, such as pile height, pick density and pile count (one ply and two ply both), have been optimised for maximum tensile strength of woven velour printed terry fabric. Thirty samples have been prepared as per Box – Behnken design of experiments. Results obtained clearly state that the pile height has negative interaction effect on pick density and yarn count both. Hence, if one wants to increase the fabric strength by increasing pick density and coarseness of warp, the pile height should be kept constant or should be reduced. The results mentioned above are found true for both the fabrics having single ply and double ply pile yarns. The tensile strength of the fabrics having double ply pile yarn is always higher as compared to fabric having single ply pile yarn.


Pile height;Pick density;Printed fabric;Tensile strength;Terry fabric;Velour fabric

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