Drafting force measurement and its relation with break draft and short term sliver irregularity

Siddiqui, Qasim ; Yu, Chongwen


The interaction between dynamic drafting force and its variability with break draft and short term irregularity of carded cotton sliver has been discussed. Drafting force data have been collected from online draftometer, installed on break draft zone of cotton drawing frame. The results indicate that the dynamic drafting force initially increases with the increase in break draft up to a certain point, followed by attaining peak region with some fluctuation in drafting force. After reaching the maximum point, drafting force gradually decreases with any further increase in break draft. The CV% of drafting force and short term sliver irregularity show the same trend with each other and oppositely to drafting force. Study on drafting force is not only applicable in optimization of break draft, but also the variability of drafting force provides better understanding of the dynamic behavior of the flowing fibre bundles and its impact on short term sliver irregularity.


Break draft; Cotton; Carded sliver; Drafting force; Short term sliver irregularity

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