Seam slippage and seam strength behavior of elastic woven fabrics under static loading

Namiranian, Rostam ; Shaikhzadeh Najar, Saeed ; Etrati, Seyed Mohammad ; Manich, Albert M


Effects of fabric extensibility and stitch density on seam slippage and strength behavior of elastic woven fabrics have been studied. Six fabric samples with different values of elasticity have been woven by changing the number of elastic core-spun cotton yarns and normal ring cotton yarns in the weft direction and then finished for sewing process. The samples are sewn with three stitch density levels (4, 5 and 6 stitches/cm) in warp direction and one stitch density level (5 stitches/cm) in weft direction. Fabric tensile properties, seam slippage load and seam strength have been measured and analyzed both in warp and weft directions. The results show that seam slippage and strength properties can be well explained in terms of fabric tensile properties. In general, increase in fabric extensibility leads to decrease in seam slippage load and seam strength in weft direction. In warp direction, seam slippage load also decreases with increase in fabric weft extensibility, whereas seam strength remains invariant. The results also reveal that the increase in stitch density results in a higher seam slippage load and strength value.


Elastic woven fabrics;Fabric extensibility; Seam slippage;Seam strength; Static loading

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