Effect of nano-polysiloxane based finishing on handle properties of jute blended fabric

Lakshmanan, Ammayappan ; Debnath, Sanjoy ; Sengupta, Surajit


Jute: polyester blended yarn has been used to develop union fabric with cotton yarn , which satisfy the desirable properties for the development of a winter garment. Due to presence of jute fibre, it deficits in surface softness. An attempt has made to apply nano-polysiloxane based finishing both in individual as well as in combination with other finishing chemicals on this fabric by conventional pad-dry-cure method in order to improve its handle property. Properties such as bending length, crease recovery angle, and surface morphology have been evaluated as per standard methods. Results show that the nano+micro-polysiloxane based finishing combination shows better improvement in the surface morphology, handle and recovery property of the fabric than other finishing combinations.


Blended yarn; Fabric finishing; Fabric handle; Fabric softness; Jute fibre; Polysiloxane; Polyester

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