Development of non-formaldehyde wrinkle resistant finish for cotton using carboxylic acids


Arya, Preeti ; Ghosh, Subhas ; Das, Debasish


A study has been conducted to develop a wrinke resistant cotton fabric using three carboxylic acids combination along with initiator and catalyst, at various pH and concentration, and to determine the effects of treatment on wrinkle recovery angle, wrinkle recovery appearance rating, and carboxyl group content of the treated fabrics. The amount of carboxylic acids on the fabric is determined by % weight gain of treated samples, carboxyl ‘n’ group content, wrinkle recovery angle and wrinkle recovery appearance rating. Furthermore, FTIR spectroscopic analysis has been conducted to study the attachment of acid groups for reducing the available free OH groups on the cotton cellulosic chains. The results show significant wrinkle resistance of treated samples. In order to evaluate the wash durability of the finish applied, the treated sample is laundered for 20 cycles and it is found that the wrinkle recovery property significantly persist even after washing.


Carboxyl group content;Cotton fabrics;Wrinkle recovery angle;Wrinkle resistant finish

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