Development of relative contact area model for prediction of thermal absorptivity of single-layer cotton woven fabrics

Abel, Patricia Julie; Unmar, Roshan ; Rosunee, Satyadev ; Hes, Lubos


A semi-empirical model of the relative contact area of woven fabrics has been developed. Its output is implemented into a multiple linear regression model of thermal absorptivity of 100% cotton woven fabrics as a predictor, together with open area, areal density, thickness and fabric density. Validation of the thermal absorptivity model shows that the contribution of the relative contact area and its interaction term with areal density generates lowest values of the mean and maximum percentage errors, indicating good predictability of the thermal contact feeling. The model is not applicable for nonwovens.



Alambeta;Fabric comfort;Relative contact area model;Semi-empirical model;Thermal absorptivity;Woven fabric

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