Influence of blend proportion on mechanical properties of banana/cotton blended knit fabric

Velumani, A ; Kandhavadivu, P ; Parthiban, M


This study is aimed at analysing the effect of blend proportion on the mechanical properties of banana/cotton blended knit fabrics.  The banana fibre is extracted and subjected to alkali treatment and silicon softening followed by blending with cotton fibres in different proportions to produce banana/cotton blended yarns. Single jersey weft knitted fabrics are produced using these banana/cotton blended yarns and the fabric properties are analysed and compared with 100% cotton knitted fabric. It is observed that the banana/cotton blended yarns show decreased strength with increase in banana fibre content. In the banana/cotton blended knit fabric, with the increase in banana fibre proportion, the abrasion resistance increases, bursting strength decreases and pilling decreases.



Banana fibre;Banana/cotton blended yarn;Knit fabric;Silicon softening


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