Drape analysis of fabrics used for outerwear

Masteikaite, Vitalija ; Sacevičienė, Virginija ; Janulevičienė, Danguolė ; Igembajeva, Gulnar ; Nurjasarova, Maira


This study has been aimed at analyzing the fabrics of different characteristics drapes, considering the specimen shape which is similar to the garment part construction. Three wool and wool blended fabrics suitable for outerwear have been chosen for the study. The bending rigidity of tested fabrics is determined using the bending meter which works on the cantilever principle. In order to examine the influence of clothes construction on the fabrics drape, the cape is chosen for this work. The specimen has the shape corresponding to the shape of a side part of a cape which can be flared during design until desirable degree has been reached. For prediction of fabric behaviour in a garment, the traces of horizontal projections of specimen’s bottom view as well as specimen’s front view are analyzed. The results show that geometrical fold characteristics depend not only on the structural and mechanical properties of fabrics but also on the clothes construction.


Bending rigidity; Blended fabric; Cotton fabric; Drape; Elastane; Polyester fabric; Wool fabric; Worsted fabric

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