Seam grinning behavior of single jersey fabric

Bansal, Payal ; Choudhary, A K; Sikka, Monica


Influence of fibre, yarn count, loop length and fabric direction on seam grinning behavior of a single jersey fabric has been investigated. A 33 Box–Behnken design is employed to investigate the influence of various parameters on seam grinning behavior of single jersey fabric. The test results show that the seam grinning d5ecreases for the specimen having lycra filament but it is maximum for 100% cotton specimen. At higher value of loop length, seam grinning decreases in cotton and polyester/cotton fabrics but increases for polyester-lycra and cotton-lycra fabric samples. It had also been seen that seam grinning is higher in wale-wise and bias direction as compared to that in course-wise direction. Hence, seam grinning can be reduced by choosing appropriate values of yarn count, loop length for a particular kind of fibre. This study will be helpful for garment industrialist to minimise the seam grinning effect among knitted garments and to improve quality of producing seam.


Fibre;Fabric direction;Lycra;Loop length;Seam grinning;Single jersey fabric;Yarn count


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