Colour effect on fibre diameter measurement with OFDA 2000

Li, Qing ; Brady, P R; Hurren, C J; Wang, X G


In this study, wool samples from Merino, Corriedale and Lincoln sheep with a wide range of fibre diameters have been dyed and measured for fibre diameter using OFDA 2000 in both dry and conditioned states. Variation in fibre diameter is observed on fibres with different colours in both dry and aqueous conditions. This could be due to an optical effect or more likely due to physical changes in the dyed fibres owing to the presence of dyes. Apart from their physical bulk, dyes may also affect the owing water content of fibres and hence have an influence on the swelling of fibres when they are measured under ambient regain and wet conditions.


Colour effect; Fibre diameter; Fibre colour; OFDA 2000; Wool fibre

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