Effect of spinning variables on packing density of cotton yarn

Hussain, U ; Shafqat, A R; Iqbal, M ; Hussain, T ; Zahra, N ; Sarwar, A ; Muzaffar, M ; Ahmed, F


In this study, fibre distribution through the cross-sections of ring-spun yarns and their packing density values has been investigated to provide a better understanding of the internal structures of ring-spun yarns manufactured by changing different spinning variables. After the yarn manufacturing process, diameter, IPI index, uniformity index, single yarn strength, density and hairiness are tested and then evaluation of tests is done on the Minitab and Microsoft Excel. The impact of TPI, spindle speed, count, hairiness and diameter has been analyzed using yarn packing density as a response variable. The aim of present study is to produce a yarn with improved packing density so that the yarn properties could be predetermined. The study shows that the increase in yarn count, TPI and spindle speed increase the yarn packing density.


Cotton yarn;Packing density; Spinning variables; Yarn compactness

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