Comparing the packing densities of yarns spun by ring, compact and vortex spinning systems using image analysis method

KILIC, Musa ; BUYUKBAYRAKTAR, R. Befru ; KILIC, Gonca B. ; Aydin, Sehriban ; Eski, Nazan


This study is aimed at determining the packing densities of yarns produced by different spinning systems to investigate the fibre distributions for each system. For this purpose, 100% Tencel LF yarns with 19.69 tex linear densities are produced on ring, compact and vortex spinning systems. Cross-sections have been made by hard sectioning method using a rotary microtome. Packing densities of yarns are calculated by image analysis method. Results show that the compact yarns have the highest packing densities while vortex yarns have the lowest. However, differences between the packing densities of ring and compact yarns are not found statistically significant. In this study, density values of yarns (D, g/cm3) are also measured by Uster Tester 5 to evaluate the relationship between the packing density and yarn density values. Results show that the packing density values are parallel to yarn density values.


Compact-spun yarn; Image analysis; Packing density; Ring-spun yarn; Tencel LF; Vortex spun yarn

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