Dyeing of cotton fabrics using reactive dyes by microwave irradiation technique

Haggag, K ; El-Molla, M M; Mahmoued, Z M


Dyeing of cotton fabrics with reactive dyes using exhaustion method has been done using microwave irradiation technique. Different parameters such as dye concentration, alkali concentration, salt concentration, power of microwave used and liquor ratio have been studied and the results are compared with conventional technique. It is observed that the microwave technique saves 90 min in the dyeing time 75% in the salt used and 20% in alkali used, indicating the saving in time, energy and money. The overall fastness properties to rubbing, washing, light and perspiration for the dyed samples are ranging from very good to excellent.


Cotton fabrics dyeing; Exhaustion dyeing; Microwave irradiation; Reactive dyes

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