Efficacy of natural dye from Gerardiana diversifolia on pashmina (Cashmere) shawls

Kumar, Ajay ; Raja, A S M; Shakyawar, D B; Pareek, P K; Krofa, D


The present investigation deals with studies on potentiality of a colour extract from Gerardiana diversifolia as a source of natural dye, and on identification of chemical constituents responsible for dyeing ability. The efficacy of the extracted dye(s) on pashmina (Cashmere) fabrics has been evaluated for colour strength and fastness properties. Phytochemical studies reveal that the quinone and tannin are major components contributing to dyeing properties. The extracted colorant from Gerardiana diversifolia has potential to dye pashmina fabric with brown and grey shades having excellent wash and good to very good light fastness properties.


Cashmere;Gerardiana diversifolia;Natural dye;Pashmina;Wool

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