Performance of wool-nylon cut pile carpets in relation to their structural parameters

Daulta, Alok ; Varshney, Rajeev


The change in performance parameters of hand-tufted cut-pile carpets has been studied with respect to variation in their constructional parameters. Carpet samples are prepared from 80/20 wool-nylon blended pile yarn by varying pile density and pile height. The influence on deformation, abrasion and tuft withdrawal force properties has been investigated. Carpet samples are evaluated for compression, abrasion and tuft withdrawal force. The experimental results are statistically analyzed using general linear model through regression analysis and analysis of variance. From the statistical analysis of test results, it has been established that the carpet structural parameters, such as pile height and pile density, have a significant influence on thickness loss, recovery under compression and durability properties of hand-tufted carpets.


Compression;Cut pile;Pile yarn;Resilience;Tufted carpets;Wool-nylon carpet

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