Evaluating performance characteristics of different fusible intertinings

Phebe, K ; Krishnaraj, K ; Chandrasekaran, B


An attempt has been made to evaluate the performance characteristics of three different fusible interlinings used in apparel industries with sheep nappa leathers in terms of bending, softness, bond strength, shrinkage, tensile strength and double hole stitch tear strength. Of all aspects of performance investigated, it is found that among the three interlinings, the fusible interlining which is warp knitted with a combination of strong nylon yarn woven with the cotton yarn performs well as compared to the other two interlining materials. The results not only facilitate the basic understanding of the fusing behavior of interlining materials with nappa leathers but also are useful for apparel design and construction.


Bond strength; Leather; Sheep nappa; Fabric shrinkage; Tensile strength; Woven interlining

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