Liquid transfer properties and drying behavior of plated knitted fabrics with varying fibre types

Jhanji, Y ; Gupta, Deepti ; Kothari, V K


The present study aims at investigating the effect of face yarn linear density and back layer fibre type on the liquid transfer properties and drying behavior of single jersey plated knitted fabrics. Fabrics knitted with coarser yarns exhibit high water absorbency, slow drying capability (characterized by lower water evaporation percentage) and appear to be unsuitable for high activity levels. Polypropylene/cotton fabric is found to be the preferred choice at high activity levels owing to lower water absorption, higher trans planar wicking and higher water evaporation percentage. Plated fabrics with nylon in the next to skin layer show high water absorption, poor trans planar wicking and slow drying capability. Nylon/cotton fabrics are, therefore, found to be ineffective in providing dry microclimate next to skin and may not be suitable at high activity levels.


Absorbency;Comfort;Drying;Knitted fabrics;Polyester;Polypropylene;Wicking

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