Acoustical and thermal properties of different insulation layers for glass fibre/epoxy composites


UCAR, NURAY ; Sayar, Ersin ; Karaca, Neslihan ; Onen, Aysen ; Baydogan, Murat ; Selver, Erdem ; Kirbas, Cafer ; Geygel, Berkay ; Ucar, Mehmet


In the present study, novel insulation materials, such as nonwoven blankets with nanofibre webs, along with the conventional materials, such as stone wool blankets and nonwoven blankets containing silica aerogel for glass fibre fabric/epoxy composites, have been investigated experimentally. The results reveal that the nonwoven blankets containing nanofibres may replace the conventional stone wool insulation layers or nonwovens with silica aerogel insulation layer especially in the vibrational working conditions due to the brittle nature of both of these conventional materials.



Acoustic properties;Glass fibre /epoxy composite;Nonwoven;Polyacrylonitrile nanofibre, Silica aerogel; Stone wool;Thermal insulation

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