Use of uni-enzyme on cotton knitted fabric and its comparison with commercial formulation


Gupta, Saraswati ; Kelkar-Mane, Varsha


This research compares the effectivity of a neutral cellulase isolated from Bacillus licheniformis KM999221 with a commercial biofinishing agent. The results clearly show the efficacy of this enzyme and its potential to perform over and above a commercial biofinishing formulation. The application of this neutral cellulase would not only be soft on the environment but also fabrics friendly in terms of fabric handle, bursting strength and minimal fabric pilling. This study helps in successfully optimizing the biopolishing of cotton fabrics using a uni/single system, thus paving the way for the use of more such enzyme to be tapped as potential biofinishing agents.



Bacillus licheniformis;Biopolishing;Cellulase;Cotton knitted fabric;Uni-enzyme


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