Effects of repetitive bending on cross-sections of bonded woven fabrics


Serdar, Serap Gamze; Abdulla, Gabil


This study has been aimed at investigating the visual effects of repetitive bending of bonded textile fabrics. Cotton, polyester and cotton-polyester blend fabrics have been bonded with 3 different adhesives, namely EVA based hotmelt, copolyamide based hotmelt, and PVA based adhesives. All fabrics are bonded at 140±5°C for 20 s and then exposed to repetitive bending process for 6 h. The warp cross-sections of these samples are compared along with the investigation of visual effects of bending. Minor effects on warp cross-sections views of bonded fabrics are observed. These minor effects could explain the decrease in bonding strength of fabric–adhesive joint after the repetitive bonding process.


Bonded fabrics;Cotton;Polyester;Repetitive bending;Woven fabric

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