Effect of alkaline hydrolysis on low-stress mechanical properties of polyester/cotton blended weft knitted fabrics


Saravanan, M ; Dhinakaran, M


Polyester/cotton blended weft knitted fabrics produced from ring-spun yarn have been treated with alkaline hydrolysis to study their low-stress mechanical and thermal properties. The major changes in the low-stress mechanical properties of the treated fabrics have been noticed. The most affected properties are tensile, shear, bending, and compression. Surprisingly, alkaline hydrolysis treatment increases surface roughness. The thermal properties are also found to exhibit good handling by the alkaline hydrolysis treatment. The 35/65 polyester/cotton blended fabrics exhibit an increase in thermal insulation property. It is apparent that the 65/35 polyester/cotton blended knitted fabric exhibits an exceptionally good handle following alkaline hydrolysis.


Alkaline hydrolysis;Mechanical properties;Polyester/cotton fabric;Surface roughness;Tensile properties; Weft knitted fabrics

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