Computer geometric modeling approach with filament assembly model for 2×2 twill woven fabrics structures

Patumchat, Puttipong ; Sriprateep, Keartisak


A new computer geometric modeling approach for 2×2 twill woven fabrics structures has been presented. A 3D model considering their inherent skewness is proposed and can be used in precise geometrical description. Balanced fabric geometry occurs in 2×2 twill weaves where the fabrics are defined by floating and intersecting segments in weaves, which create symmetric floatings on the front and back surfaces of the fabrics. The yarns cross-section of twill woven fabrics uses the concept of  virtual locations and each cross-section is rotated along a single yarn path. The curve of each filament in each of two successive cross-sections is approximated by NURBS. The approach described is demonstrated in 3D CAD for twill woven fabrics structures by using the geometric parameters considering their inherent skewness. The simulated twill woven fabrics structures must be improved so that they are a true visual simulation of real twill woven fabrics and can demonstrate wide varieties of form.



2×2 Twill weave;Computer-aided design;Filament assembly model;Skewness

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