Preparation of multifunctional polyester fabrics using zinc stannate nanoparticles

Valipour, Peiman


A novel self-cleaning, antibacterial and ultraviolet-resistant polyester fabric loaded with zinc stannate nanoparticles has been prepared. Zinc stannate nanoparticles have been incorporated onto the surface of polyester fabrics by an in situ sonochemical approach. Synthesis of zinc stannate nanoparticles is carried out along with the alkaline hydrolysis of polyester fabric using sodium hydroxide. The produced novel polyester fabrics are characterized by field emission scanning electron microscope, energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy and X-ray diffraction. The self-cleaning property, antibacterial efficiency and ultraviolet protection property of the samples are also studied. The treated polyester fabrics possess significant antibacterial activity and photo-catalytic self-cleaning property by degradation of methylene blue under sunlight irradiation. Also, the coated fabric shows proper UV-blocking activity. Moreover, all properties of the treated fabric with zinc stannate nanoparticle are found superior as compared to the treated sample with zinc oxide nanoparticle.



Antibacterial fabric;Polyester fabric;Sonochemical synthesis;Self-cleaning fabric;Zinc stannate nanoparticle

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