Dope dyeing of polyacrylonitrile filaments with Ratanjot

Purwar, Roli ; Sahoo, Priyadarshan ; Jain, Mehak ; Bothra, Urvashi ; Yadav, Priya ; Juneja, Jigyashu ; Srivastava, Chandra Mohan


Dope dyeing of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) filaments with Ratanjot extract as a colouring additive has been studied. The rheological properties of dope solution are investigated through Brookfield viscometer. The dope solution shows both shear thinning and shear thickening behavior. Different concentrations of Ratanjot extract ranging from 0.25 % to 1% (w/w) are incorporated in PAN dope solution (20% w/v) and filaments are spun on laboratory wet spinning machine using dimethyl formamide as solvent and water as non-solvent. The filaments are characterized for their mechanical, morphological, fastness and antibacterial properties. The colour obtained on acrylic filament is found to be magenta. With the increase in Ratanjot extract concentration the tensile strength of filament increases. The scanning electron micrographs of Ratanjot incorporated filament shows hollow structure with circular cross-section. The dope dyed filament shows excellent wash fastness properties and very little antibacterial activity.


Antibacterial property; Acrylic filament; Dope dyeing; Ratanjot; Rheology


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