Thermal comfort properties of weft knitted interlock layered fabrics


Soundri, S Geetha Margret; Kavitha, S ; Priyalatha, S ; Kalaiselvi, E ; Pachiayappan, K M; Prakash, C


The main objective of this study is to produce interlock fabrics with two different types of material at the face and back and to evaluate the effectiveness of its air permeability and thermal properties, which, in turn, decide the comfort of the wearer. It is observed that the tightness factor of the fabric has a linear relationship with air permeability, thermal conductivity and Qmax. The polyester modal interlock fabric shows a higher Qmax value which provides a good warm-cool effect, that is important for sportswear applications.



Comfort;Cotton;Interlock fabric;Knitted fabrics;Modal;Polyester;Soya, Sportswear;Thermal comfort; Wool

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