Impact of progressive pulse cleaning pressure on polyester filter media performance using pulse jet filtration test rig


Dutta, Sudev ; Mukhopadhyay, Arunangshu ; Narain, Jai


The effect of progressive pulse cleaning pressure (2 bar to 3.5 bar) on filtration behaviour of two different polyester needle-punched nonwoven filter materials, viz. PTFE finished and without finished media has been studied at varying dust densities using flyash aerosol. The filter materials have been investigated on a flatbed filtration test rig based on cleaning at a fixed peak pressure drop of 1000 Pascal for an equal number of test cycles during the first three phases (conditioning, ageing and stabilizing phase) and further for the final measuring phase of four hours. The particulate emission and residual pressure drop behaviour are found to be significantly less in the case of PTFE-coated material under all the operating conditions. However, a significant difference among all levels of progressive pulse pressure has been found for both the examined materials.


Needle-punched fabric;onwoven filter;Particulate emission;Polyester;Progressive pulse cleaning;PTFE finish;Pulse jet filtration;Residual pressure drop

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