Tensile failure of blended spun yarns under dynamic condition: Part I –Yarn failure during warping

Ishtiaque, S M; Rengasamy, R S; Das, B R


The failure behaviour of polyester/viscose blended ring, rotor and air-jet spun yarns has been studied on the basis of fibre failure coefficient, yarn broken end configuration and failure zone length. The failure behaviour of spun yarns under warping process is simulated in the dynamic tensile tester. The tensile failure behaviour of ring, rotor and air-jet yarns are found to be different owing to their difference in fibre consolidation mechanism. The yarn failure is observed to be more and more dominated by fibre slippage once moving from ring to rotor and finally to air-jet yarns. The study also reports mathematical modeling of spun yarn failure behaviour during warping process. The mathematical model indicates that the spun yarn failure is non-linearly related to yarn structural parameters.


Blended spun yarn; Fibre failure coefficient; Tensile failure; Warping failure

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