Development and characterization of gelatin-based herbal hydrogels for
managing infected wounds

Suganya, Kanagaraj ; Kavitha, Dhandapani ; Santhini, Elango


The present study is aimed at evaluating the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties of aqueous extracts of the plants Moringa olifera (drumstick tree or murungai), Sesbania grandiflora (vegetable hummingbird or agati), Basella alba (malabar spinach or pasalai), and then developing herbal hydrogel with gelatin to improve its pharmacological properties and to use it as a primary dressing for managing infected wounds. The aqueous extracts of murungai, agati, pasalai and the herbal hydrogels has been tested in vitro against wound infecting microrganisms by well-diffusion method and micro-dilution method. Both plant extracts and herbal hydrogel are found to inhibit the growth of Gram positive, Gram negative and polymicrobial cultures. According to EN13726, all the three herbal hydrogels manage the simulated exudates effectively. Hence, the hydrogels developed in the present study could be used to manage infection and also moderately exudating wounds.


Basella alba;Gelatin hydrogel;Herbal hydrogel;Moringa olifera;Sesbania grandiflora;Vancomycin;Wound healing

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