Effect of linear density of feed yarn filaments and air-jet texturing process variables on compressional properties of woven fabrics

Baldua, R K; Rengasamy, R S; Kothari, V K


The influence of yarn feed and process parameters used in the production of air-jet textured yarn on compression and recovery behavior of air-jet textured yarn fabric has been studied. Yarn linear density per filament and air-jet texturing process parameters, such as overfeed, air pressure and texturing speed are the key factors which influence yarn structure and hence fabric properties. The individual effect of feed yarn properties and air-jet process variables in the production of air-jet textured yarn has been studied in term of potential contribution and normalized regression coefficient on fabric low load compression behavior. Fabric low load compression-recovery behavior has been analyzed by defining compression parameter, recovery parameter and resiliency. Analysis shows that most dominating factor to explain the air-jet textured yarn fabric low-load compression properties is overfeed percentage, while linear density per filament is most dominating factor affecting fabric resiliency.


AAir-jet textured yarns; Compression properties; Compression parameter; Linear density; Recovery parameter; Resiliency; Woven fabrics

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