Optimization of sizing parameters with taguchi method

Sabir, Emel Ceyhun; Sarpkaya, Çiğdem


The optimum sizing parameters to obtain good strength of sized yarn and efficiency of weaving machines have been determined. Sizing process has been carried out using Ne 50/1, 60/1 and 70/1 cotton yarn and 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 m/min dispatch speed of warp yarn in sizing machine. Sizing solution viscosity is kept as 14, 20, 24 Ns/m2. Taguchi L18 mixed experimental design has been used for the analysis of input factors selected. The dispatch speed is found to be the most influential parameter for determining the strength of the sized yarn and the efficiency of the weaving machine speed. Optimum yarn strength is found using Ne 70/1 cotton yarn, 40 m / min dispatch speed and 24 Ns/m2 sizing solution viscosity. The optimum weaving machine efficiency is obtained using Ne 60/1 cotton yarn, 70 m / min dispatch speed and 20 Ns/m2 sizing solution viscosity.


Cotton yarn; Sizing; Taguchi method; Yarn dispatch speed; Yarn strength; Weaving

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