Dimensional parameters of 1×1 rib fabric produced on a circular bed double jersey knitting machine using ultrasonic technique

Mukherjee, Sandip ; Ray, Sadhan Chandra; Punj, S K


An attempt has been made to investigate as well as to gain an insight on the non-dimensional parameters such as course constant (Uc), wale constant (Uw), stitch density constant (Us) and loop shape factor (Ur) of the knitted fabrics produced on a double jersey circular bed machine equipped with 1×1 rib gaiting using cotton, polyester/viscose, acrylic and polyester multifilament yarns. Fabric samples are prepared by varying the stitch cam setting, input tension, yarn count, etc. on a 16 gauge circular knitting machine and are subjected to relaxation treatment by using conventional technique as well as mechanical energy of ultrasonic waves for maximum shrinkage. It is observed that this new relaxation technique produces similar dimensional and non-dimensional parameters of the fabric as obtained with the conventional relaxation treatments. It is also found that the values of the four non-dimensional parameters such as Uc, Uw, Us and Ur follow a specific trend and are found comparable with the experimental values obtained by previous workers for cotton fabrics knitted in circular knitting machine. Regression analyses have been made and regression equations are generated to study the effect of loop length on courses and wales (ribs) per cm at different stages of relaxation.


1×1 rib fabric; Circular knitting machine;  Dimensional parameters; Regression analyses; Ultrasonic waves

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