Development of reinforced interlining materials to regulate elastic properties

Kornilova, Nadezhda ; Koksharov, Sergey ; Arbuzova, Anna ; Shukla, Armaiti ; Mundkur, Suman Deepak


The present study is aimed at developing new interlining composite materials (RFI– reinforced fusible interlining), possessing optimum shaping characteristics with the required rigidity and elasticity, thus ensuring that volumetric shape of a garment will be preserved while wearing by a consumer. The original methods of forming a reinforcing polymer-fibrous composite have been developed to regulate the elastic properties of garments. It is proved that on the surface of interlining, there is chemical interaction between acrylate copolymers and polyamide adhesive. This ensures the formation of three-dimensional reinforcing structures of a unique bristle-like shape, encrusting the surface of the fibrous and penetrating their nano-porous system. The required values for elastic-deformation properties of polymer-fibrous composite materials can be found by changing the topology of applied polymeric modifiers and conditions of copolymerization.  The new reinforced interlining materials ensure high molding ability of fused materials until the stage of final wet-heat treatment, during which the copolymerization of reinforcing and adhesive polymers, dense bonding of fused sample and fixing of shape are achieved.  The results prove that the physical and mechanical properties of double-ply samples obtained with the use of RFI materials have higher indices in comparison to that of the levels of fusible interlinings. Hygienic properties are found to correspond to the standard ones that guarantee the comfort of the garment by the consumer. Thus, the new method helps to broaden the potential for successful commercialization of the reinforced interlining in fashion business.


Acrylate copolymers; Elastic-deformation properties; Fusible interlining; Polyamide

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