Effect of lac treatment on mechanical properties of jute fabric /polyester resin based biocomposite

Ammayappan, L ; Das, Shekar ; Guruprasad, R ; Ray, Deb Prasad ; Ganguly, Prasanta Kumar


An attempt has been made to dissolve lac in methanol / sodium hydroxide solution and to use this lac solution as a coupling agent for jute fabric. Lac treated jute fabric has been used to reinforce the unsaturated polyester resin (USP). Flexural strength and inter-laminar shear strength (ILSS) of lac modified jute/USP biocomposite have been evaluated and then compared with sodium hydroxide treated jute as well as untreated jute based biocomposites. Lac treated jute fabric shows higher flexural properties of the biocomposite than that of untreated jute fabric, which infers that lac acts as a good compatibliser between jute fibre and USP. Lac treatment on jute fabric enhances the flexural properties of biocomposite better in alkaline medium than in solvent medium. It is concluded that lac treatment can be used to improve the flexural and ILSS properties of jute / thermoset resin based biocomposite.


Biocomposite; Compression; Flexural strength; Inter-laminar shear strength; Jute fabric; Lac treatment; Polyester resin

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