Fabric defect detection using linear filtering and morphological operations

Çelik, H İbrahim; Dülger, L Canan; Topalbekiroğlu, Mehmet


An algorithm with linear filters and morphological operations has been proposed for automatic fabric defect detection. The algorithm is applied off-line and real-time to denim fabric samples for five types of defects. All defect types have been detected successfully and the defective regions are labeled. The defective fabric samples are then classified by using feed forward neural network method. Both defect detection and classification application performances are evaluated statistically. Defect detection performance of real time and off-line applications are obtained as 88% and 83% respectively. The defective images are classified with an average accuracy rate of 96.3%.


Denim fabric; Fabric defect detection;Image processing; Linear filtering; Morphological operation;
Neural network

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