Surface activation of polyester fabric using ammonia dielectric barrier discharge and improvement in colour depth

Dave, Hemen ; Ledwani, Lalita ; Chandwani, Nisha ; Desai, Bhakti Desai ; Nema, S K


The effect of atmospheric pressure ammonia dielectric barrier discharge on the surface of polyester fabric has been studied using contact angle goniometer, ATR–FTIR spectroscopy and SEM. It is observed that the surface of plasma treated polyester is more hydrophilic due to incorporation of nitrogenous polar functional groups and shows different conformational composition and crystallinity. The ATR–FTIR results clearly indicate the conversion of trans ethylene glycol residue to gauche one after plasma treatment and thus reduction in crystallinity. Plasma treatment has shown synergetic effect on dye uptake. Natural dyeing of plasma treated polyester with ‘Rubia cordifolia’ has shown 65% improvement in colour depth in comparison to untreated polyester fabric.


Ammonia plasma; Colour depth; Crystallinity; ATR–FTIR;Hydrophilicity; Natural dyeing; Polyester;
Surface modification

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